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Ok I really want to play this but I can't move the characters, can I have some help with what to do?


Use your left click on a green square to select a character, then right click somewhere on the map to move it.

When a character is selected, you can see its shooting range

Very challenging and simple. Loved it and could only get to wave 3. Nice work. 

Thank you


Cool game simple but addictive. I really like it and I only got to the 7th wave after that I kept losing lol, still a good job.


Thanks, tell us when you beat your highscore !


Pretty cool game, sunk a good half hour into it at least. It took me a bit to realize that the game tells you where the enemies are coming from (The desaturated "next wave" text may have contributed to that), but after that I managed to beat it. It does seem like there's really only one effective strategy, which is to build a massive block just big enough that your people can shoot over it, and then build another wall closer to the enemies that causes the rest of them to be split in half. Could expand on the concept to allow for more varied approaches. Maybe different unit types with varying ranges?

Hey, I came to the same conclusion. 

In the first time, I though about adding new kinds of enemies such as shooting enemies or bomb enemies, but these features need more new features in the player side like landmines or melee units, in order to give the player a chance to win. 

The issue is not in the production of these features: I can add them in a few minutes. However I didn't find a way to show the differences between units, walls and enemies types. 

Nevertheless, once I find something, these features will definitely be a part of the game. 

Thanks for your comment and have fun, bye


The gameplay is amazing, it's hard to wrap my head around the fact that you made it in less than a week.

Thanks you :) 

6 waves !!!! 

To be honest, I only reached the 18th one haha


Good game. You could add better VFX in it if it going to be simple like bloom,etc. Good luck.

Thanks for your advice :)


Cool game man.  Really enjoyed it.

Thanks, have fun :)